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Introduce yourself and feel free to plug your website or business too!
Talk Soup
Use this place to catch up on anything and to leave messages for Forum Friends!
Post pictures and ponder what to plant.
Investor World!
Benefits of Buying in Reading PA
Discuss pros and cons openly about buying in Reading PA
money management
So you're an investor now and you want to make sure the money you made continues to make money for you. Don't worry we all want that.
Stellar Seller's cellar!
Pottstown Market
There are grants available to new residents. Is this enough incentive to get you the most amount of money in a Buyer's market?
Collegeville Market
Every area is different. While nationally we have a buyers market, other areas that are higher in demand may benefit the seller.
Just General Stuff about Selling and people wanting to sell.
Buyers Basement
Steps for buying
Clueless on how to start? check out this forum!
Where should I buy?
Buying a home is a huge investment. Here we talk about different areas and how much an area may increase in value .
Where to find these elusive estates and how to determine whether or not to fork out the dough.
What is Jack Doing?
Learn about new services, tours, charities and other events as only Jack can do!
National Event Pool
Everyone is encouraged to post new event in their area and things that they have started or want to start themselves! Go ahead Post it!
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